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ListTwist is a dynamic audio-visual system which provides lists of facts twisted in a way that will help you learn them far more quickly. You’ll memorize them so well you’ll be amazed you’ve got such a good memory.

Who is ListTwist for?

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It can be used anywhere, any time and for any purpose. If you’re still in education and wish to do better at school or college, ListTwist is certainly for you. If you’re in business ListTwist will enhance your knowledge and could help you to clinch that deal. Or maybe you’re meeting some friends and wish to make good conversation.

Listtwist is ideal for anyone



Free downloads included

US Presidents

the fun way to learn the Presidents in order

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America - the States and capitals

get 100% with 50 States and 50 capitals!

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1000 years of English Kings and Queens

in less than 50 seconds

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Periodic Table of Elements

so difficult and yet so simple

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