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So simple

so effective

This system allows you to learn anywhere you wish. You can stand up, walk around and enjoy every minute of learning. The full text of each recording is also provided, so listening and reading at the same time is also possible. You can stop the recording whenever you wish, listen to the entire list or activate any section of just a few seconds long and learn at your own pace.

ListTwist brings out the sound and structure of the facts you’re learning, thus guaranteeing maximum recall. It even helps you to save time by pronouncing correctly every single fact you need to learn. So if, for example, you’re studying the Periodic Table of Elements the system will tell you how to pronounce molybdenum, tellurium and ytterbium. And you won’t have to check the pronunciation of Ouagadougou when you’re studying the capitals of the world.


Free downloads included

US Presidents

the fun way to learn the Presidents in order

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America - the States and capitals

get 100% with 50 States and 50 capitals!

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1000 years of English Kings and Queens

in less than 50 seconds

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Periodic Table of Elements

so difficult and yet so simple

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The Americas - the countries and capitals

35 countries but 36 capitals

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Asia - the countries and capitals

over 40 countries and capitals at your fingertips

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Europe - the countries and capitals

50 countries and capitals

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Africa - the countries and capitals

what a challenge!

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The Bible

serving 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide

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The plays of William Shakespeare

Comedies, Histories, Tragedies and Poetry

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Greek/Roman Mythology


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English counties and county towns

ceremonial, historical and metropolitan counties

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